Here are the best Dribbble shots in the review of passed away 2020 🙏

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During 2020 I assumed to be more effective while making Dribbble shots almost everyday to sharpen my design skill and promote Figma resources.

I’ve generated totally hundreds of shots, crafting it almost every day, to admit what kind of UI is most appreciated by the audience, to make sure I feel the design trends and vibes correct.

Now I craft well — that’s why I sell 😎

Here are the best shots in the review of passed away 2020 placed in ascending popularity order. So, the most liked shots were concentrated at the end.

Reminiscing and summing up the results of 2020, where we have collected for you the top events from the design world

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2020 has passed. It was a very unstable year that changed the way things were. Social distance, lockdown, remote work, and for many, job cuts: all of this has become a new reality.

But despite the instability, the UI / UX and product design industry didn’t even think to stand still. After all, with new problems come new solutions.

Companies released new products as well as updated existing ones.

As a result, our devices and operating systems continued to change, and our interfaces became simpler and more convenient to use.

In this post, we have summed up the results of…

Version 5 includes: New templates, components, icons, styles, bugfixes and more

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Duplicate Figma navigation components:

What is Material—X?

990+ components and 25 app templates in the design system beyond Material Design. Powered by top-notch shapes and Manrope font. Customizable & Adjustable UI kit. Easy to change fonts and swap colors.

Available as Figma team library — You’ll get an invitation to a published Material–X project in Figma within 24h after the subscription. Stay up-to-date with access to a team project where we ship in real-time. Your subscription includes updates and unlocks the Duplication. And you can always spectate live how we produce new templates 😎

What’s new in v5?

Resources that are trendy in the design industry to help you get some inspiration and speed up your workflow

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Hi everyone! In today’s post, we’ve picked up the best links to resources that are trendy in the design industry, and that will help you get some inspiration and speed up your workflow.

We use all the resources listed below ourselves, and we are sure that they will be useful for you too.

So what’s on our menu today: interactive buttons and widgets, style guides, a lot of cool information regarding the grid, generators for UI challenges and Dribbble shots, cool icon packs and much more.

As usual, the hottest resources are at the end, so make sure you don’t…

Hi, Roman’s here 👋

We had not been on radars for a while due to UI crafting hard. Design experimenting requires time and it’s complicated to stop and summarize.

Now it’s the time for a bottom line. We are here with new design assets releases and updates. Some products are totally new, some were updated. The homepage was improved. now powered by our popular shots, so it’s more valuable to get UI injection right in your 🧠. New blog posts, freebies, Figma community page updates, tons of new Dribbble shots and Pinterest boards. …

By launching your own side project, you have a great chance to make it your core business

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This article will help both starting and experienced designers and developers who dream of improving their financial situation. It’s great if you have a stable and highly paid job now, but there is always a risk that you may be laid off. The pandemic has perfectly shown that it is very important now to have a financial cushion and additional sources of income.

By launching your own side project, you have a great chance to make it your core business. Sometimes such projects become the work of a lifetime. is living proof of this. It started as a side…

Handpicked collection of the newest templates for Figma: UI kits, UX tools, design systems, icons, illustrations, etc.

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Monitoring trends and finding the best resources for inspiration is an integral part of every designer’s development. Especially nowadays, when staff reductions are everywhere and that’s why we should not lose hearts and keep our heads up. It’s super important to acquire new skills in design and improve them every day, or go into more niche design directions. …

How a commercial UI kit with templates helped Luke O’Brien to release the «Journey» app of his dreams.

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To save on design

Buying a UI kit today is the «lean design» approach:

  • accelerate the design process;
  • understand how the architecture of a design system is built and learn how to follow it;
  • to save time and money — this is, in particular, a lifesaving option for solopreneurs and firms who create their startups from scratch.

Putting $100K for live app

Ideation & Problem

To create his own app was a long-cherished dream of Luke O’Brien, the founder of «Journey». A few things inspired him to create this application:

  • Communities in which he received invaluable life and professional experience are usually difficult to find.
  • He always liked to learn something new…

A few simple rules to seriously increase your effectiveness and help you manage time wisely.

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We live in an interesting time when more and more people prefer to work remotely, and many companies also see the benefits of having their employees work remotely.

For some people, remote work is a conscious choice, and someone has switched to remote work due to current circumstances (thanks to pandemic).

Among the advantages for the employees themselves, the following can be noted: they don’t spend time commuting, they have flexibility and autonomy, and technologies like video conferencing, various software and cloud services allow them to stay in touch.

But there are also cons of remote work, especially for those…

Design System 2-in-1 library to design & code

Since I’ve been involved seriously in making Figma templates to sell, I started to seek for a possible stack between design & React code. API in Figma seems to be abandoned or on pause. The same in the community — a silence and no serious ideas, tools or progress. I assume there are no chances to see the real-time design⇆code translation soon, but with hope for things to be changed.

Despite the problem still exists: The World 🙏🌎🗽️ is waiting for a components library to design & code where everything is designed analogously. …

Roman Kamushken

Top-notch Figma templates —

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