Developing design system. How to avoid unexpected routine.

Four simple things to remember and follow before design system development

Accelerate design and development time by up to 50%

  • Unique architecture for quick customization
  • Equipped with simple & clear documentation
  • Dedicated to fit desktop & mobile applications
  • Made with material design guidelines following
  • Uses Figma ‘Instance’ features at maximum
  • Supports Figma web API for real-time integration
  • Customers support 7 days per week!

If you still in doubts, I recommend you to watch the overview 🎥

① Form a list of repeating elements

Some of repeating components

② Determine all the possible states

Few possible states for text inputs

③ Adjust constraints or resizing parameters

Icons resizing params set to snap to the right

④ Accessible names came first, states — after

⑤ Something for the dessert

The bottom line ⤑ keep the sequence ♛

What’s next? Quickstart your material design project with this Figma library



Top-notch Figma templates —

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