How I finally quit Photoshop and switched to Axure

And my life will never be the same as before…

So, Axure…

Experimental task: PSD > Axure

The story isn`t without a catch.

Here is an example of how different the font Helvetica of the same size and density can be (the top paragraph is drawn in PS, the bottom one is PrtScn from Axure directly from the browser)

Dynamic header and footer.

Move the buttons.

The first interactive.

Grouping the elements.

Work with dynamic panels.

That`s all. The minimal necessary interactive for the design is ready. Now we can see the picture in contrast.



Now I`ll make some conclusions

Is Axure really nothing more than a tool for prototyping?

Can an UI designer fully convert to work in Axure, abandoning other tools?

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this program?

Here’s some examples of interactive stuff I’ve done in Axure few days ago:



Top-notch Figma templates —

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