🔎 Open in Figma (demonstration preview)

Shopping app for Android. UI kit with material templates

Mobile design kit for e-commerce. Exploring for the best practices from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and others

🔎 Defining the problem

I’ll go straight to the point. Overall, today the digital market is full of ecommerce UI kits. Most of it catching the eye with style and effects, but rather weak practically. Seriously. Those kits are beautiful, but UX mostly incompetent. No details about user flow, total absence of user feedback; no ideas about the complex usability, empty states and engagement mostly are not considered. I bet 87% of those UI templates will be never existing in the real world.

🔑 A key to the solution

After I finished my first design system project for Figma it’s now high time to move further to the niche product. Moreover, I wish to show to the community how I am applying the product of mine practically. Ecommerce niche is lovely! For at least 15 years of designing experience it’s a chance to summarize all my thoughts about online shopping experience as in the role of product designer, developer, entrepreneur and… ordinary buyer of course! I’ve started the research and reverse engineering to mobile and desktop products of the companies you are familiar with: Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Asos and others.

📋 The short brief

• Aliexpress is complicated but positive for the end user. It’s well crafted with consideration of material guidelines and sometimes I was pleasantly surprised to met custom material components.

• Amazon reminds me the earlier version of Windows 95 running on the outdated PC. But with strong suggestions based on big data analysis and some advertisement tricks while browsing deeper into categories.

• Asos is straight directly oriented, quick and very simple because of the targeting.

• eBay! Is my favorite now. Simply the best, clear, materialistic. No cons discovered at all.

🔨 Figma Web API

With recently announced API for Figma it becomes possible to deploy this e-commerce design system as working application extremely quickly. The Figma Platform enables apps, websites and internal tools to integrate directly with the realtime state of design in Figma from a robust Web API and open JSON format. Explore the documentation for developers

Check and mate for competitors, Figma…

🏁 What to expect as the result

The same quality as I did to my first product. It will be responsive and scalable design system in environment of Figma where is all the devices will be considered : from the mobile to the desktop. The final release will be consisting of more than 100+ application sections. I’ve already started with home / deals / offers screen, but at the moment preview available only as mobile (no doubts, I’m keeping the ‘Mobile first’ rule in my mind):

🔎 Open in Figma (demonstration preview)

🔃 Prototyping like puzzle game

This would be the fascinating prototyping game for those who not so skilled in design (developers), not so familiar with Figma tool (Sketch designers), or for those who not inspired of moving pixels manually (product managers). With power feature of using ‘Instances’ in Figma, the only thing is left to do for you is just switching between predefined design components. Undoubtedly, if you wish, you can start customizing each thoroughly. I’d like to deliver more simplicity with tips & onboarding integrated into the system:

The ‘Charts constructor’ section from my first bestselling product: Material Design System for Figma

📂 Nested components for quick customization

According to customization purposes we want some changes to be applied instantly to the whole system. I do care about effective design system architecture in Figma environment. Clear names and proper organization is the minimum. Is it worth to mention about the best practices of Atomic design consideration for upcoming ecommerce product? Check the GIF below:

GO!!!!!!!!! 🏄

Here’s the YouTube showcase how it works for now:

Redesign the ‘ Cart section’ for two popular mobile ecommerce apps

🙊 Frequently asked questions

· What it will be consisting of in final release?

Design system for ecommerce / shopping purposes consisting of at least 150 components and finalized application screens for both of mobile and desktop devices. Unlimited license will allow you to publish my item into your team library and start to create unlimited amount of projects for commercial purposes.

· What’s the price?

You can order Ecommerce Android app templates with 50% OFF only Today!

· Is the moneyback available?

Due to personal reasons, if you changed your mind during presale period until the release you can simply cancel your pre-order. No charges, no fees!

· Are there any discounts available?

You can share, repost and retweet this article, if you wish to support my project. From my side I’ll give you a personal discount for Figma Design System. Good discount for good repost is guaranteed. Just contact me via kamushken@gmail.com, or PM via Twitter for your offer.

What’s next?

You can take your prototyping in Figma to the next level with this design libraries:



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