Xela design system — Figma UI kit. Perfectly shaped style guides for your web apps

⚡ One more design asset has been released from the pixel freaks of Setproduct

👋 Heya! Roman’s here.

🥁 Drumrolls, please — let me introduce one more awesome release we’ve carefully prepared to achieve your dashboard design goals within a finger click.

Preview in Figma: https://www.figma.com/file/bLu7fYlt0X36ynSbblFiiE/XELA-Design-System-Preview

We’ve just released Xela UI kit! A dashboard design library wrapped as a flexible and fine-shaped design system ready for your web apps to be built with Figma.

Xela contains a wide range collection of universal components compatible with mobile and desktop. 1900+ variants of 30 UI bits categories at your disposal. Well-organized and paginated carefully. Themed into a dark mode additionally.

Supercharged with 50+ dashboard templates for all the viewports. Properly configured and powered up with Figma’s auto-layout, this set of popular dashboard layouts covers the rest of the design cases:

Analytics, Checkout, Data table, Ecommerce, Job search, Mailbox, Music service, Social, Tasks management, Projects (CRM)

Duplicate free version

You can give it a try before deciding to buy. Check out the details, quality, components organization, styles (partially cut), and more. After the duplication you will find 3 dashboard templates, to make sure it’s a good fit for your next project and ready to get remixed


Product highlights


1900+ variants of components based on ↔ Auto-layout and paginated into 30 sections. Accordions, Alerts, Badges, Breadcrumbs, Buttons, Charts, Checkboxes, Chips, Colors, Datepickers, Dialogs, Inputs, Pagination, Radio buttons, Sliders, Rating stars, Segmented Controls, and many more.

Available in dark & light themes:

Design widgets

165+ ready-to-use UI bits also known as Organisms: Navigation, Modals, Inputs combinations, sets of popups and etc. Quickly paste into your layout, replace the textual placeholders and admit your acceleration 😲

Web app templates (💻/📱)

In addition, we’ve crafted 50+ dashboard layouts for you to quickstart a design mission quicker and never design screens from scratch. Use our layouts as it is, or transform and remix them into something more suitable:


Proven fact: well-crafted and detailed commercial UI kits help you to save time, money and human resources, especially you’re a start-up aimed to roll-up an MVP faster. Purchase Xela Design System to never design from scratch.

Buy for $128 (secured transactions handled by Gumroad)

More awesome products we’re finishing now and about to release soon. So, follow to stay tuned:

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